A (C)onfigurable (X)ml (PROC)essor: „cxproc“


Alexander Tenbusch http://www.tenbusch.info/cxproc/


Cxproc is a configurable processor for XML-XSL fans. Its a portable frontend for the GNOME libraries libxml2 and libxslt under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 (s. file COPYING in source code).

Main features

  1. configurable frontend for XSL transformations „parse XML once, XSL transforms often“ (via caching of DOMs)
  2. simple substitutions inside configurations
  3. XML configurable make processor for XML, XSL, XHTML, Plain text

Some Minor features are



Downloads are in ../../../download

The source code in is marked up for Doxygen (s. left menu frame).

DTD files are ../../../cxp.dtd and ../../../pie.dtd


Binary package for Ubuntu GNU/Linux is available (s. above).

From source code archive you can use automake/autoconf the valid method on Linux:

tar xzf cxproc.tar.gz
cd cxproc
make install

The files for Debian package building are included (default configuration without MySQL, Audio and Image features).

MS Windows XP

The MS Windows native binaries and contrib stuff are in a cxproc-*-win32.zip

  1. unzip in a own directory
  2. in Explorer connect extension .cxp with „...\cxproc\bin\cxproc.exe“ (full path)
  3. double click at any cxp file to perform the included XML transformations (s. examples in contrib directory)

The project files for Microsoft Visual C++ are included.

Use of mingw/msys for compiling ist not supported yet because problems with creation of „libxslt.dll“.

Contributions and Applications

s. content of ../../../contrib

  1. there are configurations and stylsheets for a „Personal Information Environment“ (PIE) with
  2. PKG2 s. ../../pkg2/tmp/ and http://pkg2.tenbusch.info/

Corresponding software

For Software development were used

Some applications good for collaboration